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Quilting Services and Pricing

Quilting Services and Pricing

Quilting charges are calculated by the number  of square inches in your quilt.

Length X width = Square inches

Basting – Get up off that floor – will baste your quilt -  you can either                                                         machine or  hand quilt yourself                                                                                       75.00 any size

Freehand all over meander, medium to large stipple 

Freehand all over simple design

Freehand all over complex design                                                                 

Simple basic - free hand design,  pantograph or stylus motif in                                                                        body of quilt with separate design in borders                                                                                                             

Basic custom – stitch in ditch around blocks with                                                                                            freehand design in blocks, sashings and borders                

Custom – individual attention given to blocks, sashings, and                                                                         borders via  combination freehand design and templates                                                                                                                                                                                       

Complex custom quilting – quilting around applique,                                                                                     motifs,  photos – outline blocks, freehand, custom and or template                                                                design in blocks, sashing, and borders                                                                            

Extra complex custom, heavy stipple, extreme detail                                            contact for pricing


Additional Services

Border turning – take quilt off frame, turn, reload, and                                                                                    complete custom design on sides                                                                                                25.00

Attach binding to front of quilt                                                                                                    10.00

Attach binding to front of quilt and machine stitch to                                                                                      back of quilt                                                                                                                                  30.00

Quilt restoration                                                                                                         contact for quote

Custom made quilts                                                                                                    contact for quote

Private lessons                                                                                        contact for details and pricing



Custom made Quilts

 t-shirt quilts                                                                                                              per t shirt

 photo memory quilts                                                                                                per photo

bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception, graduation                                                                             special occasions memory quilts                                                                             per block                                                                                                                                                                                   

                 Minimum charge on all quilts                                         65.00

                 Rush orders                                                                       25.00


Pricing Examples    crib              twin             full          queen           king

                              50x60          70x90          80x90     90x100       110x110




The above calculations are used as examples – it goes without saying that sizes do vary and will be calculated accordingly


Prices subject to change

quilts are quilted on first come first serve basis unless rush order